Training and Dissemination

The Resource for Molecular Imaging Agents in Precision Medicine strives to provide numerous opportunities for education and training as well as resources for fellow scientists. Check out some of the opportunities below!

Sabbatical and training opportunities

The Division of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, the IRAT laboratory of the SKCCC, as well as the individual laboratories of the TRDs, invite and encourage researchers to participate in sabbaticals within one of our laboratories. These sabbaticals, which can be as short as two months but usually last for a year, provide the participants a hands-on opportunity to work with our researchers, in their laboratories, learning their research methods and laboratory techniques. These sabbaticals have historically proven to be an excellent driver of new knowledge and its dissemination through ground-breaking publications and the shared experience of the participants.

Interested individuals are asked to contact the directors of the laboratories in whose particular expertise and area of research they are interested for information on current opportunities. Our administrative core will help coordinate credentialing and can assist the applicant in navigating University and International Office requirements for visitors.

ICMIC Seminar Series

This interdisciplinary, interdepartmental seminar series is focused on application of imaging to biological systems with a strong emphasis on cancer.

Technology Licensing

The labs and investigators of The Precision Medicine Resource Center have developed and invented technologies ranging from software to chemical compounds. These technologies are available to external investigators and industry through a variety of licensing mechanisms. To inquire regarding a specific technology, please contact the investigator directly or contact Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.

Precision Imaging agents and Theranostics: Concept to Clinic