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Training & Dissemination

Data Analysis Resources

Auto-PERCIST is a software application which implements and automates the algorithms and techniques described by the PERCIST v1.0 criteria for the quantitative analysis and response assessment using [18F]FDG PET imaging.

Imager-4D is a multi-modal volumetric image analysis system designed for the review and quantitative analysis of radiological data.

Resources for researchers new to kinetic analysis of PET data, particularly in the context of dynamic brain PET studies. Includes step-by-step analysis workflow.

Molecular Imaging Mini Course

The Resource for Molecular Imaging and Precision Medicine is developing a mini-course on Molecular Imaging, featuring our TR&D and Collaborative Project Investigators. We plan to offer this course as an adjunct session to a national meeting, providing an opportunity for investigators to meet and interact with the broader molecular imaging community in person.


Check back for updates on our first mini-course offering, which is planning to debut in the 2023-2024 academic year!

Introduction & Overview of Molecular Imaging

Morning Session: Molecular Imaging of Inflammation

Session 1: Pre-clinical Applications

Session 2: Clinical Applications

Afternoon Session: Molecular Imaging of Oncology

Session 1: Pre-clinical Applications

Session 2: Clinical Applications

Response Evaluation Criteria in PSMA-imaging (RECIP)

Response Evaluation Criteria in PSMA-imaging (RECIP) categories overview with example PSMA images.

RECIP is an educational platform to train investigators to better interpret changes in PSMA-VOL in clinical imaging. The platform was designed to offer free training to nuclear medicine physicians across the world who intend to use RECIP in their daily practice or in clinical trials. The goal of the training is to increase physicians' confidence in using Practical RECIP for treatment response evaluation and ensure delivery of the highest quality health care for men with prostate cancer.

Featured Talks and Seminars

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