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Imager-4D is a multi-modal volumetric image analysis system designed for the review and quantitative analysis of radiological data. With a focus on PET/CT (though able to work with all volumetric modalities), the application provides tools voxel normalization, image overlay, image filtering, volume of interest (VOI) analysis, as well as a host of other tools and features. In addition to the traditional quantitative tools, Imager-4D was designed from the ground up to work with 4-dimensional data (i.e., dynamically acquired volumetric datasets). Along with generating normalized Time-Activity-Curves (TAC), the system also has PATLAK modelling built-in. Finally, the system has advanced features which allow the user to  easily generate training data for advanced machine learning systems.

The software was written in the Java language and is packaged to run on the Windows environment and integrate with freely available DICOM archives to simply data input. Execution using the base feature set is readily enabled with advanced features requiring a runtime license which is also freely available to researchers.

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