Imager-4D: Software for dynamic image display, radiomic, and kinetic analysis

Imager-4D is a software package developed by Jeffrey Leal to provide a platform for the display and analysis of dynamically acquired whole-body multi-modality co-registered image sets such as PET/CT and PET/MR. The software provides similar display and analysis functionality to that commonly available in the clinic for single time-point imaging but extends it by providing whole-body Patlak modelling and VOI-based radiomic analysis of original and derived datasets. The software is available to all interested users and is packaged for installation on as a 64-bit Windows executable or as a multi-platform Java executable. Imager-4D software, the user manual, and sample data can be found here.


Members of the various labs affiliated with the Resource Center have developed software technology for the analysis of molecular imaging studies. These include packages for Kinetic Analysis, Kinetic Display and Automated Tumor Detection. These software tools are available to interested investigators through various no-cost licensing schemes.