Resource for Molecular Imaging Agents in Precision Medicine (EB024495)


The Resource for Molecular Imaging Agents in Precision Medicine is a transdisciplinary enterprise that endeavors to develop and disseminate precision imaging and theranostic agents to impact patient-centric care. We are now able to offer this Resource Center at Johns Hopkins to serve the molecular imaging community and patients in need of precision agents. The Resource Center is heavily invested in chemistry and technology development in the service of imaging in keeping with the mission of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB).

What is

Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine uses all available data for a particular patient to enable their best possible treatment and care. Molecular imaging contributes to this through the use of imaging agents which target specific biomarkers that are indicative of disease or response to therapy. Biomarkers are often proteins that are visible—and targetable—manifestations of a patient's genetic blueprint.


Research Fellowship in Molecular Imaging 

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is offering a fully funded, mentored, one-year research fellowship in Molecular Imaging as a part of a formal Institutional Training Grant (NIH T32). To find out more about the opportunity and to apply, click the link below!